Many thanks, to all who have donated so far in Olofsfors Pink Ribbon Track collection!

15 November 2021

Thanks to ALL who have contributed!

Over 200 000 Swedish Kronor (SEK) has been collected so far this year, through the Pink Ribbon fundraiser that Olofsfors has created on the Breast Cancer Association website. Since 2010, Olofsfors has contributed 1 367 000 SEK to cancer research through the collection. The funds are spent on breast cancer research, as well as current patients, survivors and their families.

November 7th was the last day to contribute with 5 000 SEK or more, for the opportunity to become the owner of the Olofsfors AB pink forest machine track, donated to the Breast Cancer Association.

201 000 SEK has been contributed so far, from companies and individuals alike around Sweden, with hopes of more over the year to come.
The Olofsfors fundraiser goes on until the end of December, on the Breast Cancer Association's website.

- “As of November 7th, we have had a total of 67 donations, 34 of which contributed at least 5 000 SEK or more. The drawing of this year's Pink Ribbon Track took place during the Annual General Meeting of forest contractors and the lucky owner of the bogie track, with a value of approximately SEK 100,000, was Johanna Nilsson at GWJ Skogsentreprenad”, says Maria Öhman, Marketing Manager at Olofsfors.

During the meeting, another ten draws were made and invitations were sent for a tour of the Olofsfors factory with an overnight stay. Who were the lucky recipients? You can see in the video below.

Congratulations to all!

And thank you for all the amazing gifts!

See all who contributed!

To see all who have donated a gift, go to the Olofsfors page on the breast cancer Association website:
Olofsfors insamling "Rosa Bandet" 2021 | Bröstcancerförbundet (

Here is everyone who donated 5 000 SEK or more in the 2021 pink ribbon collection;

Curras Transport AB  10 000 kr
Per Andersson Skogsmaskiner AB 10 000 kr
Sonö Jord och Skog AB 10 000 kr
Uno Andersson Skogsmaskin AB 10 000 kr
Österby Gallring AB 10 000 kr
Alenius Skog AB 5 000 kr
Anders Öhman Skog AB 5 000 kr
Bodafors Skogstjänst AB 5 000 kr
Bolens skogsentreprenad AB 5 000 kr
Curth Carlsson ensk. firma 5 000 kr
Drivarn AB 5 000 kr
Freddes Skogstjänst AB 5 000 kr
Gettjärns Skogsprodukter AB 5 000 kr
GWJ Skogsentreprenad 5 000 kr
Gästrike Skogsavverkning AB 5 000 kr
Heiki AB 5 000 kr
Håggarn AB 5 000 kr
Janssons Skogsavverkning AB 5 000 kr
Johan Adolfssons Skogstjänst AB 5 000 kr
Liljemark Skogsavverkning 5 000 kr
Lärkhammars Entreprenad AB 5 000 kr
Magnus Kempes Skogsgallring AB 5 000 kr
Mats Classons Skogsvård AB 5 000 kr
Mb Greens Skogstransporter AB 5 000 kr
Målviken Skog AB 5 000 kr
Noretjärns skogsentreprenad AB 5 000 kr
NZ Skogsentreprenad 5 000 kr
Rooth Skogsvård AB 5 000 kr
RW Skogsmaskiner AB 5 000 kr
Samsons Detaljhandel AB 5 000 kr
Stigs Maskin AB 5 000 kr
Stubbetorps Skogsentreprenad 5 000 kr
Svea Torp AB 5 000 kr
Svedja Skog AB 5 000 kr


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